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Mount Dora Area Theme Parks


Walt Disney World, Sea World, Daytona Beach, Silver Springs and Universal Studios are located within an hour's drive from our office in Mount Dora.



In 1963, Walt Disney sent his brother, Roy, with several close friends and business associates to find a place where he could build an east coast version of his successful California theme park. His team traveled across the country in secrecy, checking into hotels under assumed names, and making anonymous inquiries on available land. They knew that if anyone heard Disney was interested in buying land, prices would skyrocket and adjoining land would be bought up too quickly. Several parts of the United States were considered, among them St. Louis, the Great Smoky Mountains, and Niagara Falls. Walt's team eventually set their eyes on Florida. Although Walt had no desire to build an oceanfront resort, Florida was an excellent draw for tourists. The weather was almost perfect all year round and its roads were very accessible. Most of all, there was plenty of untouched land, especially in Central Florida. Forty-five years later, Walt Disney World is the most recognized theme park in the world. The property purchased by Walt Disney totals over 43 square miles and contains just about everything anyone could want in a theme park experience.



There's no place on Earth like SeaWorld Orlando! Where else can you challenge thrill-a-second rides one minute and count the teeth on a shark the next? Feed the dolphins, take in an incredible performance, and just try to stay dry when the world famous Shamu comes a-splashing! SeaWorld Orlando - it just doesn't get any closer than this.








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